Selections from Idelle Davidson's portfolio

In the last 20 years, Idelle has reported on hundreds of stories as varied as the famine in Ethiopia for Time magazine, to why children stutter for Parents Magazine. Along the way, she has interviewed CEOs, entrepreneurs, diplomats, scientists, sleuths, restaurateurs, hoteliers, chocolatiers, preservationists, fashion designers, home exchangers, and ritual circumcisers.

She has interviewed a queen, a former first lady, the head of a major TV network, more physicians and nurses than she can count, more celebrities than she can count, and an artist who sculpts the head of Mikhail S. Gorbachev from ice cream. She has reported on the well and the sick, all who inspire. Here is a sampling.


Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist • Los Angeles Times Magazine

Helene Hahn, Head Attorney, Dreamworks • Los Angeles Times Magazine

Richard Roundtree • InTouch
Peggy Fleming • InTouch
Diahann Carroll • InTouch
Queen Noor • InTouch
Dana Carvey • InTouch
Bonnie Hunt • InTouch
Betty Ford • InTouch
Sumner Redstone • Catalyst
Jane and Marc Nathanson • Catalyst

Marlo Thomas • InTouch


Levaquin, Cipro Antibiotics & Serious Injuries Reported Washington Post

Erdheim-Chester Disease, Campaigning for a Cure Washington Post

HIV/AIDS & Issues of World Health UCLA News Service

Tracking the GI Genes Cedars-Sinai Discoveries

The War on Warfarin • Cedars-Sinai Discoveries

Fighting BRCA Gene Mutations • Cedars-Sinai Discoveries

Husband/Wife Researchers Target Deadly Brain Tumors Cedars-Sinai

Unraveling Degenerative Brain Disorders Cedars-Sinai Discoveries

The Genetics of Emotion • Cedars-Sinai Discoveries
Transplanting Hope for HIV patients • Cedars-Sinai Discoveries
Whiz! Zoom! Crash! Ouch! • Time Magazine (shared byline)
A New Liver, A New Hope • Cedars-Sinai Discoveries
Gilda's Club • InTouch
Mammogram Crusader • InTouch
PCOS Exposed • Cedars-Sinai Discoveries
Silencing Stroke, the Silent Killer • Cedars-Sinai Discoveries
A Vitamin at the Core of a Woman's Health • Cedars-Sinai Discoveries
Oncology Nurses & Their Patients: A Special Bond • InTouch
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital • InTouch

General Interest

The End-of-School Blues • Parents Magazine
Trying to Do the Right Thing • Los Angeles Times Magazine
What's Your Child's Learning Style? • First for Women
No Plates but a Fistful of Citations • Los Angeles Times
Lakers Move to Staples Center • Los Angeles Times Magazine
Gray Matters • Los Angeles Times Magazine
Shadowing the Angel of Death • Pursuits
Room Service? Get Me Milk And Cookies • Time Magazine (shared byline)
The Eyes Gotta Have • Time Magazine (shared byline)